Fair usage policy

Fair Usage Policy

General Plans

Featureflow prices on seats – this keeps the pricing fair and predictable. We do not have limits on MAU, Features or other limits. In order to maintain and Qualito of Service, we do impose a fair use on the number of API requests made to featureflow. 

We will never limit or deny requests, unless there are exception DDOS style attacks. Out intention is to remain fair, transparent and competetive whilst maintaining a level of service and limiting excessive strain on any infrastructure (including yours).

We have a soft limit of 10 million requests per month for a given organisation. 

Additional requests may be purchased by contacting us directly. However ususaly this is an indication you may be using our SDKs or API incorrectly. 

Excessive calls invoke stress and cost on both your infrastructure and featureflow – we provide monitoring, tools and guides to help you get the most out of our system.

If we detect excessive usage in a given month, you will be notified of the organisation, project and environment so that you may investigate to remediate.

Enterprise Plans

The usage allowed on enterprise plans is as defined in your enterprise terms and conditions.

More Details

Please see our terms and conditions for more details.